Best Stop-Motion Animations Films

We love stop-motion animation here. Stop-motion animation is a craft, it is a wonderful excruciating and technical medium that produces highly developed films with bounds of imagination. Though many studios tend to favour the computer side of animation, studios such as Laika and directors like Henry Selick are still championing these courageous art forms. With the release of Isle of Dogs, we’re looking at some … Continue reading Best Stop-Motion Animations Films

First Reformed – Brand New Trailer!

Ethan Hawke is a legendary actor in his own right and has been leading indie movies since he started performing. Now he looks to have his most Oscar-worthy performance to date in First Reformed.  The film revolves around a pastor of a small New York church who starts to unravel when he has an encounter with an unstable activist. Directed by Paul Schrader, this looks … Continue reading First Reformed – Brand New Trailer!

Journeyman – Review

Paddy Considine has been one of our strongest and most exciting filmmakers for a long time. His work, most famously  dark drama Tyrannosaur, has pushed intricate, bleak, and humanely layered side of cinema. Aside from his impressive acting career, Considine is a filmmaker at the forefront of excavating the depth of humanity and allowing us to be a part of that story. In his latest … Continue reading Journeyman – Review

The Darkest Minds – Brand New Trailers & Clips!

Amanda Stenberg has risen to be one of our most accomplished young actress. Coming from The Hunger Games series and leading the brilliant Everything Everything, she is due to set the world of fire. Literally, in this trailer for The Darkest Minds. The film revolves around a world where teenagers have either died or developed powers. The government, in panic, have detained them all. Ruby, … Continue reading The Darkest Minds – Brand New Trailers & Clips!

Every Day – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Angourie Rice  was a scene stealing in Shane Black’s The Nice Guys and now it looks as if she is taking off in other movies such as this one! Every Day, based on David Levithan’s New York Times Bestseller revolves around a sixteen year old girl who falls in  love with a soul named “A” which transfers into different bodies every day. With a unique … Continue reading Every Day – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Come Sunday – Brand New Trailer!

Chiwetel Ejiofor is one of our greatest actors and his work has continued with powerful performances and stirring films. Now he continues with Come Sunday. The film revolves around pastor Carlton Pearson who risks his career and family when he questions a church doctrine and finds himself branded a heretic. This looks to be an amazing film. What do you think? Come Sunday hits Netflix … Continue reading Come Sunday – Brand New Trailer!