The Week Of – Brand New Trailer

The trailer for Netflix film, The Week Of has dropped. Starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, as fathers to a young bride and groom, trying to plan their wedding.

With their children about to be married, middle class, devoted father Sandler tries to plan his little girl’s big day. With a budget hotel, lack of space and novelty catering, his efforts are not appreciated by wealthier father Rock. Despite his absence in his children’s life, he wants to take over and pay for the wedding himself. The families clash as chaos ensues, and both fathers tried to take over the up and coming nuptials.

The film is written and directed by famed Saturday Night Live writer, Robert Smigel. Co-written by Sandler, the project marks the fourth in his four picture deal with Netflix.

Also starring Rachel Dratch, Steve Buscemi, Roland Buck III and Allison Strong, the trailer and film suggest a standard Sandler project. Slapstick humour, awkwardness and conflict. Although the trailer has also tried to include a father’s struggle to provide for his daughter. Whether or not this will come through in the film, audiences will have to wait and see. Chris Rock looks to be playing his usual wise cracking characters opposite Sandler, but will the two work on screen?

The Week Of premieres on Netflix on the 27th April! 

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