Funny Cow – Brand New Trailer!

After it’s successful debut at lasts years London Film Festival, comedy, drama Funny Cow is coming to cinema’s nationwide from April 20th. Following the rise of female comedian, known only as ‘Funny Cow’, as she tries to make it in a man’s world.

From a troubled childhood to volatile relationships, Maxine Peake plays Funny Cow, a women who dreams of making people laugh as a stand-up comedian. With doors closed in her face and ridiculed by those around her, she finds the strength to persevere, and turn tragic elements of her life into material on stage. All of this is set against the harsh backdrop and social climate of working class men’s clubs, in 1970’s Britain.

Directed by Adrian Shergold and written by Tony Pitts, (who also stars as violent lover Bob). The film has beautifully recreated the Northern 1970’s setting. Through setting, mood and costumes the audience are transported back in time to see Funny Cow’s journey. Through the relationship with her father, mother, partner Bob and new lover Angus, we see the world through the eyes of a women with a dream.

What stands out most in the trailer has to be the central performance from Peake. Able to portray the humour and confidence of a strong comedian, while also showcasing the dramatic side of her characters life. Both strength and vulnerability shine through in the trailer. This is also helped by an incredible score provided by Richard Hawley.

The film hits cinema’s April 20th and we’re excited. Are you?


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