The Grinch – New Trailer

A Dr. Seuss classic, transformed into a beloved animated film, then transformed into an ill-received-but-accepted-better-over-time Hollywood movie, and now…We combine the two without any of the positives. Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest actor to take on the Grinch, in a film that honestly looks awful. As with a lot of Illumination’s work, this trailer is well animated but very shallow; lots of over the top … Continue reading The Grinch – New Trailer

The March of China’s Female Filmmakers – Part 1

by Xueting Christine Ni Modern China makes great play of its gender equality, and International Working Women’s Day or The United Nations Women’s Rights and International Peace Day has been a major celebration in China, focusing on women in all fields, since 1924, when the working women of Guangzhou, influenced by the international movement, started recognition of the date in China. Women united and stood … Continue reading The March of China’s Female Filmmakers – Part 1