The Grinch – New Trailer

A Dr. Seuss classic, transformed into a beloved animated film, then transformed into an ill-received-but-accepted-better-over-time Hollywood movie, and now…We combine the two without any of the positives. Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest actor to take on the Grinch, in a film that honestly looks awful.

As with a lot of Illumination’s work, this trailer is well animated but very shallow; lots of over the top jokes and strangely modern approach to everything – Putting Happy into this is unforgivable – that makes every joke fall flat. It just looks like such a strange departure from the source material. I get that it’s a rhyming short story with very few pages, but even where the Ron Howard version took a more commercial approach to the telling, it still understood the core themes of the book and the character.

But at the end of the day, this is just a trailer. Hopefully I’m wrong but right now, The Grinch looks bland and very ill-conceived.

The Grinch is out 9th November

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