The Seagull – New Trailer

Awards season has allowed us to ride a true Saoirse Ronan high; the tantalising young actress has been on everybody’s lips for her brilliant turn in Lady Bird, now she’s taking on Chekhov in this new film adaptation of his iconic play The Seagull.

I won’t lie, this trailer is awful; the film itself looks okay, with an excellent cast no doubt, but this trailer doesn’t even feel like a trailer. An 80s narrator, those ridiculous side wipes to introduce cast names, and the music and the editing of a late 90s direct-to-video trailer that plays just before the film on a VHS tape. With a cast like Annette Benning, Elisabeth Moss, Corey Stoll and the magnificent Ronan among others, and based on an excellent tale, we can only hope this film has more to offer than it’s trailer shows.

The Seagull is out 11th May in the US, but no UK release date as of yet.