Looking Back….Paddington (2014)

There is that initial anxiety when it is announced that a much loved character is making their way to the big screen. It feels inevitable that every character from our childhood will eventually be sold to the highest bidder. The most common result is that of the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles variety (damn you Michael Bay). It may appeal to the younger generation, … Continue reading Looking Back….Paddington (2014)

The March of China’s Female Filmmakers – Part 2

by Xueting Christine Ni Catch up with Part 1.  By the early 90s, China’s 6th Generation of independent filmmakers had emerged. The intellectual climate surrounding them was nurturing for female directors, bringing the socialized marginalised to the forefront and seeking to uncover the truth beneath ideology. A major force of this period was Ning Ying, whose wider socialist agenda, and quasi-documentary style of filmmaking is … Continue reading The March of China’s Female Filmmakers – Part 2