Furlough – Brand New Trailer!

Tessa Thompson has become an icon. Interest in her work came with her epic film Dear White People and now she’s a Valkyrie in Thor, heart-breaking in Annihilation, and OH MY GOD THAT JANELLE MONAE MUSIC VIDEO. Ahem. Anyway, we love Thompson and all the work she does so we’re excited for that to continue with Furlough. Also starring Whoppi Goldberg and Melissa Leo, the … Continue reading Furlough – Brand New Trailer!

Under the Silver Lake – Brand New Trailer!

Andrew Garfield is a talented Academy-Award nominated actor who has increasingly become our greatest exports (kinda.) Now he unites with It Follows directed David Robert Mitchell for Under the Silver Lake. The movie revolves around a young man who meets a stunning woman in the middle of the night only for her to disappear with no trace. Believing that she is sending him signs, he … Continue reading Under the Silver Lake – Brand New Trailer!

Unpopped Kernels: We Make Movies (2017)

We Makes Movies on Weekends isn’t just a cool title; that is legitimately what we do. Maybe not as often as we like, but don’t doubt for a second that we all have that drive to produce amazing cinematic content. We understand the passion, the desire, the drive and the ambition that goes into making a film, and that’s why the appropriately titled We Make … Continue reading Unpopped Kernels: We Make Movies (2017)

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Brand New Trailer!

Over in the UK, we’ve been sorely remiss from Mister Rodger and his glorious neighbourhood but, the warming gooey nature of this kindly man, his soul has reverberated across the globe. Now his spirit has been captured on a documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbour?,  which depicts his massive message and stirring vision. This trailer is already a tearjerker so definitely get your tissues. What … Continue reading Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Brand New Trailer!

The Titan – Brand New Trailer!

Sam Worthington, where have you been gone? You’ve been missing from our lives for too long. It looks like we’ll happily welcome you back in The Titan!  The film revolves around an Air Force Pilot who takes off to Saturn’s moon Titan to find resources for humanity, only to find he has super-human powers. But the deadly side-effects could threaten his whole world. Also starring … Continue reading The Titan – Brand New Trailer!