Furlough – Brand New Trailer!

Tessa Thompson has become an icon. Interest in her work came with her epic film Dear White People and now she’s a Valkyrie in Thor, heart-breaking in Annihilation, and OH MY GOD THAT JANELLE MONAE MUSIC VIDEO.


Anyway, we love Thompson and all the work she does so we’re excited for that to continue with Furlough.

Also starring Whoppi Goldberg and Melissa Leo, the film revolves around a corrections officer who has to take a prison to see her dying mother.

A sweet and tender comedy, the female fronted film could be epic. What do you think?

Furlough is out later this year. 

Under the Silver Lake – Brand New Trailer!

Andrew Garfield is a talented Academy-Award nominated actor who has increasingly become our greatest exports (kinda.) Now he unites with It Follows directed David Robert Mitchell for Under the Silver Lake.

The movie revolves around a young man who meets a stunning woman in the middle of the night only for her to disappear with no trace. Believing that she is sending him signs, he investigates until he can come up with the answers, finding a whole heap of unusual characters along the way.

The film feels like a mash-up of Mulholland Drive and The Nice Guys, which we’re super keen for. What do you think?

Under the Silver Lake is out later his year! 

Smear – Short Film Review

The regular pap test is often seen as a gruesome but necessary procedure for women over the age of 25. It’s an uncomfortable process which sees us ladies, legs akimbo, with a septum shoved up our hoo-haa, and parts of our insides scraped out. It’s all in the name of monitoring cancerous cells, and it is super important, but it is also spoken in hushed spooked tones across the community of people with vaginas.

One of our favourite directors, Kate Herron, has subverted the procedure and developed a humorous comedy horror short conveying a rather bizarre treatment for an unlucky patient. Smear revolves around women goes to the doctors for her first examination, only for two green and squeaking tentacles to come creeping out of her privates and attack the doctors…

This  brilliant and terrific comic short is a cheeky take on the infamous test (that conveys a somewhat underlying important message.) At merely four minutes long, the movie is an inventive little horror ditty starring two labia detailed tentacles. They seethe, pulsate, and crawl from within and murder anyone stopping them. This is all set to an exciting soundtrack (honestly monsters have never been so spry) that is reminiscent of classic shock movies such as The Blob or The Fly, with a quirky edge .

The acting is on point as each character approaches the situation in a marvellously British way. From Nick Mohammad’s concerned doctor to Rose Johnson (star in Herron’s previous short Valentine,) as “Dr. Coward”, whose comedic delivery is one of the best of the year. Of course, there’s our leading lady Sophie Di Martino as Chloe, whose frightful yet determined performance keeps the film grounded in realism to the climatic end.

Smear is great proof that Herron is increasingly becoming a director to watch, especially when it comes to the surrealist and dark comedy. A dab hand at utilising cutaways and when exactly to play. Yes, there is an element of silliness to this film but, honestly., some of the best movies have that degree of  ridiculousness – adding to the atmosphere and the humour. Herron is a keen and inventive director, which is gloriously showcased here.

Just… it may be a while until you uncross your legs…

Unpopped Kernels: We Make Movies (2017)

We Makes Movies on Weekends isn’t just a cool title; that is legitimately what we do. Maybe not as often as we like, but don’t doubt for a second that we all have that drive to produce amazing cinematic content. We understand the passion, the desire, the drive and the ambition that goes into making a film, and that’s why the appropriately titled We Make Movies resonates so well.

Image result for we make movies film

Director Matt Tory plays Stevphen Bixby – Yes, I did spell that correctly – and he was born to make movies. Following a string of projects made with his closest friends, he’s attempting to put together his best film yet, with the help of extremely awkward right hand man Donny (Jordan Hopewell), reluctant but loyal friend Garth (Jonathan Holmes), pretentious method actor Leonard (Zack Slorts), and Donny’s laid back cousin Jessica (Anne Crockett). What they’re making isn’t original, or inventive, or even good, but it sure is a hell of a good time.

This film is honestly brilliant; admittedly a lot of jokes don’t quite hit, but much like A New Don, it’s not entirely original. There’s many stereotypes and cliches with regards to the comedy that are played wonderfully and it ultimately doesn’t matter when jokes don’t land. Having said that, some of it is downright hilarious. The improv comedy scene in particular is great, and mostly just the interactions between the characters, all performed wonderfully by the cast. It’s one thing to perfectly embody the character you’re playing, but it’s another thing to work successfully as a unit. This film would fail if it wasn’t for the strong chemistry between all the actors, or if the characters weren’t written as tightly as this, but thankfully both of these aren’t an issue.

Image result for we make movies film

This film will strike a chord with pretty much anyone who has ever tried to make a film. The last time I tried was when I was in school; my best friends and I wrote a short comedy that evolved over the through years, through many different versions and ideas but ultimately we settled on one, and we didn’t have a whole lot of luck getting it made. We faced some of the same issues faced by those in the film; not being able to get actors, not having the best equipment, not having enough time – but it was an experience I’m so glad I had. My favourite parts of this film were the moments spent planning A New Done, or even just the breaks on set, sitting around and chatting and such. While we never got to finish our film, it was way too much fun to ever be too sad about it, and we were quite proud of the little footage we got, and the many laughs that came out of it. That was the most important thing to me about We Make Movies; beyond the characters being passionate, it’s pretty obvious that everybody involved was passionate too, and that’s the most beautiful thing about any film really.

We Makes Movies is like a great hybrid between Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Ed Wood (The film, not the director); a low budget film that perfectly captures the experience of making a low budget film, highlighting what’s important about it and carefully crafted by a group of people who clearly love what they’re doing.

We Make Movies is available on Amazon Video now! 

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Brand New Trailer!

Over in the UK, we’ve been sorely remiss from Mister Rodger and his glorious neighbourhood but, the warming gooey nature of this kindly man, his soul has reverberated across the globe.

Now his spirit has been captured on a documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbour?,  which depicts his massive message and stirring vision.

This trailer is already a tearjerker so definitely get your tissues. What do you think?

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is out later this year! 

The Titan – Brand New Trailer!

Sam Worthington, where have you been gone? You’ve been missing from our lives for too long. It looks like we’ll happily welcome you back in The Titan! 

The film revolves around an Air Force Pilot who takes off to Saturn’s moon Titan to find resources for humanity, only to find he has super-human powers. But the deadly side-effects could threaten his whole world.

Also starring Taylor Schilling, this looks to be an awesome film – what do you think?

The Titan hits cinemas and VOD April 13th!