Unpopped Kernel: The Villainess (2017)

by Ren Zelen Like so many recent Korean action flicks, Byung-gil Jung’s The Villainess starts off with a humdinger of an action sequence. One is barely settled in one’s seat before being immediately thrust into the midst of a violent melee with arterial blood spraying in all directions. The film’s intricately choreographed opening sequence offers nearly 10 minutes of nonstop carnage from a subjective POV, … Continue reading Unpopped Kernel: The Villainess (2017)

Johnny English Strikes Again – Brand New Trailer!

Rowan Atkinson’s bumbling English spy has been a UK favourite for some reason. Oh, who are we kidding? His cheesy over the top antics are often riotous and we’re happy to see him on the big screen again. Atkinson returns in the row alongside Ben Miller’s sidekick Angus to save the world again after English is called back from retirement following a serious cyber-attack. Yes, … Continue reading Johnny English Strikes Again – Brand New Trailer!

The Cleanse – Brand New Trailer!

Johnny Galecki has risen to prominence with The Big Bang Theory so it’s about time he starts revisiting films in bigger roles. The Cleanse seems to be a great vehicle for him. Feeling a lot like A Cure for Wellness but with more of a comedic twist, The Cleanse revolves around a retreat where participants enter into a holistic practise to rid more negativity from … Continue reading The Cleanse – Brand New Trailer!