Pitch Perfect 3 – Review

Everyone remembers the shock of Pitch Perfect. The musical comedy of 2012 seemed like your standard easy watch but turned into the break out film, and cast, of the year. The story, the music and its lovable characters made the film a smash hit and a sequel was quickly announced. Unfortunately, Pitch Perfect 2 did not really measure up to the brilliance of the first … Continue reading Pitch Perfect 3 – Review

East End Film Festival: Blue My Mind – Review

Adolescence is a tricky time. It is one shrouded in nightmarish hormonal changes that rage within us. Hair sprouts from every crevice, even ones you didn’t know existed. There’s all these smells that your body produces much to the ire of those around you. Emotions twirl and dip and glide, causing you to transcend different personalities all in the same day. What’s worse is that … Continue reading East End Film Festival: Blue My Mind – Review