Mansfield 66/67 – Brand New Trailer!

Jaynes Mansfield life and death has been shrouded in mystery. What was the truth? In a new documentary, Mansfield 66/67, it uncovers her life of fame, fortune, sex, drugs, or possible Satanic forces. Directed by P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughs, this looks to construct the truth from the hearsay and looks very interesting . What do you think? Mansfield 66/67 is out 11th May!  Continue reading Mansfield 66/67 – Brand New Trailer!

Super Troopers 2 – Brand New Trailer!

Cult films have a lot of power. They really push audiences into enthusiastic and intense reactions. Super Troopers, a movie revolving around a hapless law enforcement team, has acquired legions of fans. Now they’re back for a second helping. The second film revolves around an international border dispute between the US and Canada with everyone’s favourite Highway Patrol team coming in to resolve it. We’re … Continue reading Super Troopers 2 – Brand New Trailer!

“It’s a very good challenge” – Bill Irwin talks Legion

Legion has become one of our favourite shows. We’re so excited to see it come back, exploring a show filled with mutants through the guise of mental illness and manipulation. As we head back into the psyche of David Haller, a schizophrenic who has been plagued by another mutant, there are now so much strands to explore. Legendary actor Bill Irwin stays in the series … Continue reading “It’s a very good challenge” – Bill Irwin talks Legion

Shakespeare Day: Portaccio

by Cookie N Screen Big Train is perhaps one of the funniest sketch shows of the early noughties. Created by Graham Lineham and Arthur Matthews, it was a wonderful and fast paced show with far out humour. With some brilliant sketches that are hilarious each time, it boasts a wicked cast of now much beloved comedy actors. Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, Catherine Tate and many more … Continue reading Shakespeare Day: Portaccio