The Strangers: Prey at Night – Review

The American stalk and slash film was the scourge of the 1980s. Emboldened by the success in the 1970s of Bob Clark’s Black Christmas and John Carpenter’s Halloween, a template was established – then unpicked in Wes Craven’s Scream quartet – of a masked attacker menacing a community. The die was cast with the Friday the 13th series featuring a vengeful Jason Vorhees, wearing a … Continue reading The Strangers: Prey at Night – Review

East End Film Festival Highlights: Pili – Review

The issues that face the third world as well as the struggles of women, particularly women of colour, are subjects that are beginning to be explored in film. Instead of just the white saviour narratives, with ethnic secondary background players, central characters are becoming more diverse than ever before. In a time of great change the film Pili is a welcome project. Written and directed … Continue reading East End Film Festival Highlights: Pili – Review

The Wound (Inexba)- Review

More films than ever are tackling homosexuality in it’s rawest of form. Dramas such as Call Me By Your Name and God’s Own Country are looking to explore LGBT relationships and the results have been terrific. Most of these journey’s revolve around being true to yourself and falling in love with someone who opens that side of you up. What affects people in wishing to … Continue reading The Wound (Inexba)- Review