The Happytime Murders – Trailer

Brian Henson may be known as the son of The Muppets and The Labyrinth mastermind Jim Henson, but he has a pretty impressive body of work himself. As well as puppetry on Return to Oz and Little Shop of Horrors, he took over Muppet directing duties after his father past away. With the greatest Muppet movie, (The Muppet Christmas Carol) under his belt, it was inevitable he would one day return to directing puppets. Yet The Happytime Murders is maybe not what audiences had expected. The new comedy, featuring Melissa McCarthy and Bill Barretta, aims to show us just what … Continue reading The Happytime Murders – Trailer

The Girl in the Spider’s Web – Trailer

The first trailer featuring the newest incarnation of Lisbeth Salander has arrived. The Stieg Larsson creation, introduced to us in the Millennium series of books and the original Swedish film trilogy. This time, acclaimed English actress, Claire Foy takes the lead as the hacker and investigator. This latest take is based on David Lagercrantz continued novels. The Girl in the Spiders Web sees Lisbeth reinvented as a violent protector of women. Beginning with her exacting gruesome revenge on a wife beating CEO, a mysterious figure from her past comes back to haunt her. The trailer looks to follow the same … Continue reading The Girl in the Spider’s Web – Trailer