The Happytime Murders – Trailer

Brian Henson may be known as the son of The Muppets and The Labyrinth mastermind Jim Henson, but he has a pretty impressive body of work himself. As well as puppetry on Return to Oz and Little Shop of Horrors, he took over Muppet directing duties after his father past away. With the greatest Muppet movie, (The Muppet Christmas Carol) under his belt, it was inevitable he would one day return to directing puppets.

Yet The Happytime Murders is maybe not what audiences had expected. The new comedy, featuring Melissa McCarthy and Bill Barretta, aims to show us just what puppets get up to when they are not singing and dancing.


When a string of puppet murders cannot be explained, Detective Connie Edwards, (McCarthy) teams up with her ex-partner Phil Phillips, (Barretta) to find who is killing the cuddly victims. The film is a dark-humoured take on a world shared between humans and puppets. They may have entertained children back in the day but these puppets drink, take drugs, have sex and just about everything else in this laugh out loud look at the film.

As this is a more adult take, the film will feature no known Muppets or Seaseam Street characters, despite the clear satire to both. With shows like Mongrels and Avenue Q, puppets have always lent themselves to mischief but will audience like this edgier take on them? The film also stars Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale and Elizabeth Banks. The Happytime Murders hits cinemas this August.

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