A Ciambra – Review

From its opening moments – well, after an opening prologue about a man who takes a fancy to a horse – Jonas Carpignano’s A Ciambra (The Ciambra) immerses you in the crowded hand-to-mouth, can’t-wait-to-grow-up existence of fourteen year old Pio (Pio Amato). In awe of his older brother, Pio lives with his siblings and cousins in a squat in the Gioia Tauro neighbourhood of Calabria, … Continue reading A Ciambra – Review

Dumbo – Brand New Trailer!

Disney has been plundering into their own backyard for a mighty long-time now and, frankly, it’s getting a bit boring. It’s latest venture into self-flagelation is the live-action adaptation of Dumbo. Directed by Tim Burton, the movie revolves around an elephant with such big ears that he is mocked. However, could they prove useful otherwise? Yes, somehow this looks visually stunning, and there is something … Continue reading Dumbo – Brand New Trailer!