Brain on Fire – Brand New Trailer!

Chloe Grace Mortez has been one of our greatest young actors and she has definitely come to our Brain on Fire revolves around a young woman who’s whole life is in front of her until she comes down with a terrible illness. Brain on Fire looks to be an impressive drama and it also stars Me and Earl and the Dying Girl‘s Thomas Mann, Richard … Continue reading Brain on Fire – Brand New Trailer!

Alpha – Brand New Trailer!

How did dogs become Man’s Best Friend? Well, we’re about the find out in brand new drama film Alpha. Starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, the film revolves around the ice age and how stray dogs soon became allies with mankind. It looks kinda silly but who doesn’t want to watch dogs prance around on screen? Unless the dog dies…Oh my god does the dog die? Alpha is … Continue reading Alpha – Brand New Trailer!

The Nun – Brand New Trailer!

The Conjuring is one of those surprise series that just keeps delivering the shocks. Whilst the first one was entertaining enough, the second was one of the best modern horrors of all time. Similarly with it’s spin off Annabelle, the first film was alright but the second one was bloody intense. Now we’re getting The Nun which looks batshit insane! The Nun revolves around a … Continue reading The Nun – Brand New Trailer!

Unfriended: Dark Web – Brand New Trailer!

The sequel to 2015 Unfriended has released a trailer. Unfriended: Dark Web follows a friend group through webcam chat. As one of the group explores his new Laptop (which he took from his works lost and found) it’s clear the previous owner was a twisted individual. With disturbing videos and links to violence and human trafficking, the laptop owner tracks down his lost computer and plays … Continue reading Unfriended: Dark Web – Brand New Trailer!