Unfriended: Dark Web – Brand New Trailer!

The sequel to 2015 Unfriended has released a trailer. Unfriended: Dark Web follows a friend group through webcam chat. As one of the group explores his new Laptop (which he took from his works lost and found) it’s clear the previous owner was a twisted individual. With disturbing videos and links to violence and human trafficking, the laptop owner tracks down his lost computer and plays a game with everyone exposed to it’s content.

The trailer looks like another gorilla style horror with new tech and trends at its core. The film will be released through Blumhouse, the studio behind Happy Death Day, The Purge as well as Oscar winning films Whiplash and Get Out. The film looks to be more of the same frights and violence as the studios other horror projects.

Are you looking forward to Unfriended: Dark Web?

Unfriended: Dark Web is out later this year! 

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