The Festival – Brand New Trailer!

Most of us, in our lifetimes, will attend a festival. Covered in mud without being clean, drinking whatever and eating whatever, the whole experience is so The Festival revolves Nick who has a bit of a breakdown at University and is taken by his friends to a festival where things go a bit madd. From those behind The Inbetweeners and starring Joe Thomas, this could … Continue reading The Festival – Brand New Trailer!

Like Father – Brand New Trailer!

Sometimes it takes a sevre emotional trauma to bring you together with someone estranged. That’s the premise of Like Father.  Starring Kelsey Grammer, Seth Rogen, and Kristen Bell, Like Father revolves around a young woman who is left at the alter. With her long lost father there as a surprise, the pair wind up getting hammered only to find themselves on her honeymoon cruise. Now … Continue reading Like Father – Brand New Trailer!

Welcome to Marwen – Brand New Trailer!

Steve Carrell has been one of our favourite actors for a long time. He can do ridiculous comedies and super serious dramas. Welcome to Marwen revolves around an artist who is severely attacked and loses his talent. Reclusive, instead of drawing, he creates tableau’s with dolls, often escaping into them as a fantasy world! Welcome to Marwen looks…erm…perplexing? But also amazing at the same time? … Continue reading Welcome to Marwen – Brand New Trailer!

Creed 2 – Trailer & Clips!

There was a time where many had fallen out of love with the Rocky franchise. Luckily, we’re back because of the amazing Oscar nomianted Creed and now we’re getting a sequel; the aptly named Creed 2.  Directed this time by Steven Caple. Jr, the film revolves around Adonis Creed as he continues his boxing career. Now he faces his biggest challenge  when he is pitted … Continue reading Creed 2 – Trailer & Clips!

Unpopped Kernels: Colossal (2017)

When it comes to movie-dom, at the moment, there is an abundance of criticisms that go along the lines of this: “There is nothing original, it’s all adaptions and remakes, this is all terrible. ROAR COMPLAINING.” Yeah, sure, jeez – we get it. All you see are these blockbuster films of books, comics, and remakes and you roll your eyes, thinking that gives you a … Continue reading Unpopped Kernels: Colossal (2017)