The Hate U Give – Trailers & Clips

The first powerful trailer for The Hate you Give has landed. Based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name, by author Angie Thomas. The Young Adult Fiction novel moves the genre from post-apocalyptic dystopia, to the grounded reality of Police brutality in America.

With a brilliant ensemble black cast, led by The Hunger Games Amandla Stenberg alongside Russell Hornsby, Regina Hall, Anthony Mackie and Common.

Young Starr Carter, (Stenberg) divides herself between two worlds. The black neighbourhood her family live in and the elite prep school she attends. When her childhood friend Khalil, (Algee Smith) gives her a lift home, the two are pulled over by the Police. Khalil is shot by an officer in front of her. The aftermath for Starr and her community reflects the growing pain and struggles of the Black Lives Matter movement in America

Directed by George Tillman Jr. who has directed episodes of Luke Cage as well as This is Us and feature film Notorious. The film has been adapted from the original novel for the screen. The subject matter and themes explored could not be more relevant or current. With barely a week going by without another video of a black male killed by Police. The aftermath of each shooting seems to play out the same with no charges or consequences for any involved. Can a narrative that reflects the broken system inspire and educate its audience?

Can this live up to the hype of the book and truly reflect the current social movement it features?

The Hate U Give is out in cinemas 22nd October!
It screens as part of the BFI London Film Festival 

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