The Ghost – Short Film Review

Family and heritage is haunting. No matter who we are and where we ae going, those who have populated the past will always help guide us and are staunch reminders of the strength and glory we have nestled inside us. Even those who are taken from us too soon. Garrick Hamm, acclaimed director of short films such as Retrospective and The Man Who Married Himself … Continue reading The Ghost – Short Film Review

Pin Cushion – Brand New Trailer!

For some, we’ll be bullied for our. It’s a senseless and traumatic experience¬† and there are not many films that explore it on the big screen but Pin Cushion looks to be an experimental exploration into it. Pin Cushion revolves around a young girl who moves into a new town only to become victim to taunting and bulling. To cope, she enters a fantastical world … Continue reading Pin Cushion – Brand New Trailer!