Cold War – Brand New Trailer!

We’ve been eagerly waiting for Paweł Pawlikowski’s latest since is Academy Award winner entry Ida.  So we’re thrilled with the trailer for Cold War.  Drenched in his usual black and white scape, Cold War revolves around two people of differeing background falling in love with one another against this backdrop. This looks to be an evocative drama with some essence of beauty to it. What do … Continue reading Cold War – Brand New Trailer!

Wonder Park – Brand New Trailer!

Theme parks are a huge part of childhood and growing up. We’ve all loved visiting places like Alton Towers or Drayton Manor and being swept up in the rides and activities. What would happen if you stumbled upon a secret one? That’s the plot for Wonder Park as a young girl uncovers a secret amusement park but is there something else lurking beneath? This looks … Continue reading Wonder Park – Brand New Trailer!

A Simple Favour – Brand New Trailer!

Have you ever seen a cinematic pairing that makes you so very very excited? How about Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick? Well, their teaming up for the brilliant A Simple Favour.  Bsed on a book by Darcey Bell, the film revolves around Stephanie who gets pulled into a mystery when her engimatic friend Emily goes missing. Boasting to be from the darker side of Paul … Continue reading A Simple Favour – Brand New Trailer!

Toby – Short Film

Toby revolves around a young girl who discovers her loved one – her pet cat – has gone missing. Sent into despair, she finds hope on her doorstep…Could this be fate? Starring… Amy Linda Wilson and Paul Valentine Director and Writer…Sarah Cook Assistant Director and Producer…Gloria Daniels-Moss DOP and Editor…Sean Narborough Script Supervisor…Jo Johnstone Sound Design and Executive Producer…Graham Osborne Continue reading Toby – Short Film

Pin Cushion – Review

Bullying is something that never stops. It’s a horrendous unprecedented act that continues throughout adulthood. Whilst we like to believe that it is contained to our youth – and certainly that’s where it sprouts up and is felt the most – almost all of us have been privee to bullying being a “grown-up.” This could be gossip, occasions of violence and manipulation, or plain isolation … Continue reading Pin Cushion – Review