Patient Zero – Brand New Trailer!

Virus and zombie movies have pretty much played their course, haven’t they? I mean there’s just too many stories out there. Still, with a cast this good and an intriguing story, could Patient Zero add to the better half of movies?

Starring Stanley Tucci, Natalie Dormer, and Matt Smith, Patient Zeroes revolves around a plague ridden world where humans are turned into rage induced killers. An asymptomatic victim uses his skills in communicating with the infected in order

We’re in it for the cast and the cast only. What do you think?

Patient Zero is out later this year! 

Juliet Naked – Brand New Trailer

Sometimes, you shouldn’t meet your heroes.

That’s what happens with romantic comedy Juliet Naked. 

Starring Rose Byrne, Chris O’Dowd, and Ethan Hawke, the movie revolves around a woman stuck in a relationship with an obsessive fan. Only their lives are turned upside down when the elusive rocker appears.

It looks like it has some great performances from some seasoned actors. But will it be any good? What do you think?

Juliet Naked is out later this year! 

Slap – Short Film Review

We’re huge fans of Joe Cole here at Movies on Weekends. The young performed, famed for his role in Peaky Blinders, has been carving a spectacular portfolio for himself since a young age. Starring in gritty indie movies such as Pressure, Green Room, and  The Falling, Cole has been unabashed in the projects he chooses. With more and more people are discovering his work including that brilliant BAFTA-winning episode of Black Mirror “Hang the DJ” and veteran drama Thank You For Your Service, we’re happy that he is getting the acclaim he utterly deserves.

To celebrate his towering performance in the brutal movie A Prayer Before Dawn, which is out Friday, I’d like to take you back to his performance in BAFTA nominated short film Slap, where he first piqued our interests as a performer to watch.

Slap is a dark comedy that looks at a young transvestite (or a transgender young woman, it is unclear). Deftly handling a rough and tough area of Northern England, the film is a conflict of personalities. Combining the hefty boxing masculinity of Connor alongside the delicacy of feeling alive through make-up and dresses, the film is a battle of heart and brawn.

What Slap does is excavate two different spirits of the same person, expectations verses what they are really like. As he reveals his secret, unwillingly to his best mate, the film takes a different shift. It acutely portrays the aspects of staying true to yourself and that pit of encouragement when you have someone’s support; in this way, the conversation in the bedroom is astonishingly well done. And then it unravels in your stomach. The weight of the shitty group of people around him (and the mirror towards today’s boorish society) sends you on constant barrel rolls of feelings.

Yet it is really the acting of a young Cole that powers this forward. There’s just something enigmatic about the way he carries himself here. Whether he is performing masculinity or femininity, Cole inhibits the space.

The performance literally slaps you around the face with the unnerving clash of worlds that boils inside of him. It is a testament to the raw and undeniable energy Cole possesses that will carry him to more intense, impressive, and incredible films in the future.

Watch Joe Cole in the phenomenal A Prayer Before Dawn 
Out Friday 20th! 

Boy Erased – Brand New Trailer!

As spoken about before, the fact that there are people who think you can “pray the gay away” in gay conversion camps. That’s the horrifying focus of upcoming drama Boy Erased. 

Directed by Joel Egerton and based on a book by Garrad Conley, the film revolves around a preacher’s son coming to terms with his homosexuality, only to find himself shunned by his family and community.

With this and The Miseducation of Cameron Post, shedding light on this awful practice is great. Plus Hedges and Kidman look to be a fantastic pairing. What do you think?

Boy Erased is out 8th February

Glass – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

An original superhero movie that explores real life powers and possibly an exploration of mental health?

We’re game.

Glass, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, revolves around an asylum for those who believe they are superheroes. There, three seemingly unrelated men meet…

Uniting Bruce Willis, McAvoy, and Samuel L. Jackson as Unbreakable and Split crossover, we’re completely excited for this film. Especially with the addition of Sarah Paulson. What do you think?



Glass is out 2019! 

Little Italy – Brand New Trailer!

Hayden Christen Anderson is back, guys. This time in a romantic comedy opposite Emma Roberts.

The film revolves around a chef who has to head back home from London to get her Visa changed only to find herself back in the middle of her families rivalry, which takes placce in the titular place of New York. Oh, but is there love with a competitors son?

Yes, truly feeling like Romeo & Juliet with more pizzas and so terribly cliched that it actually includes the line “you can take the girl out of Little Italy, but you can’t take Little Italy,” the film looks awful. But I know so many people who will hate watch this.

What do you think?

Little Italy is out later this year!