The House of Nic Rage

Ever feel like you want to just smash something apart? Like smashing a plate or hitting a wall?

Most of us do from time to time. But sadly public civility and pesky laws discourage most of us from really letting loose our frustrations…Until now that is.
To celebrate the release of Mom and Dad on DVD, Wreck Room UK have opened a new pop-up. The House of Nic Rage is the UK’s first Rage Room. The event allows participants to smash, hit, pummel and beat the heck out of objects in the safety of its small walls.
Mom and Dad stars Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair as a suburban couple who become infected with a mysterious virus. The outbreak causes those affected to turn violently on their nearest and dearest, in their case, their own children.
The event will get participants suited and booted, for safety and added coolness. Once in your jumpsuit, gloves and helmet you are given a few minutes and a selection of weapons to tear apart a small room, with plates, cups, vases, frames and a computer screen all provided.
The event is running on the 21st of July and a single session costs £35. It may be a high price for what you get but this is no doubt, a unique experience.

Mom and Dad is available on DVD and Blu-ray now. ~
You can book your session at The House of Nic Rage by following the link below.

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