Shazam! – Brand New Teaser!

And all of a sudden, I can finally breathe.

With Marvel being a no-show, the DCEU’s display at San Diego Comic-Con had to be a big one, a cry of hope for both those who stayed with the franchise through its ups and downs and the ones who wanted DC to start releasing coherent films on a regular basis.

And it seems like we have just that.

The joyful Shazam! teaser is exactly what the DCEU needed. It sold the unique concept of the titular character and it’s an incredibly funny trailer, whilst also, generally, maintaining the colour palette of this superhero universe. We couldn’t help but smile at Zachary Levi’s delivery of certain lines.

Consider us excited!

Shazam is out April 2019! 

Aquaman – Brand New Trailer!

Aquaman, Aquaman, he does everything an aqua can. 

Build a wave, any size, catches villains just like…fish????

Jason Mamoa’s standalone movie has finally released a trailer, but is it any good?

Aquaman revolves around the titular character as he tries to deal with his surface his life as well

We’re just excited for more Mamoa and, frankly, after a lacklustre Justice League, the DCU could use a bit of Wonder Woman spunk in their…ocean…

OK. I said that. What do you think?

Aquaman is out later this year!