Titans – San Diego Comic-Con Day 1

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

After months of teasing, DC finally released the first trailer for their upcoming series Titans, the big launching point for the upcoming streaming service known as DC Universe.

Titans is based on the popular DC Comics team Teen Titans. Long story short, in 1964 comicbook artists Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani asked “What if Justice League…with teens?” and a team was born. Over the years, Teen Titans has been a vehicle to reflect on the problems teenagers and young adults are faced with, making for an incredibly relatable comicbook.

Titans, however, doesn’t seem to be going that way.

We are introduced to a much darker setting and, generally, older characters. By the looks of it, we will be following Dick Grayson/Robin and Rachel Roth/Raven as they form a team to protect the planet from an incoming threat (please let it be Trigon…)

Check out the trailer below!

Titans is out later this year! 

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