A Teachable Moment – Short Film Review

Occasionally, your darling precious children will go down the wrong route. Not saying they will, but certainly the allure of being totally and completely naughty could set them off on a horrible path that would see them as degenerates; low-lives behind bars that have smashed all their prospects like the window of the car they’ve just stolen. At some point, a crook will be found in the road, leading your sweetness and light into become, well, a crook.

Oh poor little Henry or Henrietta.

So how do you steer those sticky, loud, and garish angels away from a life of excess, sin, and all the nasty bits in between.)

That’s the plot in Jason Jeffrey’s darkly comic movie A Teachable Moments

The film revolves around a criminal who is shot whilst committing a robbery. Though he makes it some way in his getaway car, he inevitably becomes to week to carry on, collapsing in a heap by the side of the road. When a woman and her young son pull up, he thinks his luck is turned around – that is until she uses his predicament to show her wayward son that crime doesn’t pay.

The short black comedy is a brilliant bite of satire and wit as a man fights for his life against a woman’s nagging parent routine. The delivery is ridiculously good by performances such as dominant Grace Glowicki and the bewildered (and, bleeding from his gut,) Ash Catherwood. Of course, there is the brooding Ethan Tavares who sighs and huffs in the background as a petulant child despite the, you know, gooey bits oozing out of our thieve. It comes together in a wonderful way, centered on the bemusing premise, followed by the accurate dialogue.

A Teachable Moment is a great eight minute film that certainly serves as a wonderful remind of the potholes one could make on the road to ruin. Perhaps to be shown in schools? Perhaps not but it is definitely a movie to make you chuckle.

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