Three Identical Strangers – Trailer!

Making it’s way  around the festival circuit is the critically acclaimed Three Identical Strangers, a documentary centred around three 19 year old boys who discover they are long lost triplets, and their joyous reunion leads them to fame, before an explosive and disturbing secret is unlocked.

Three Identical Strangers looks absolutely fascinating; it’s an interesting story that provokes a discussion on human nature, and one that you just wouldn’t believe if it wasn’t right there in front of you. Every little detail looks captivating and we can’t wait to see it.

Three Identical Strangers currently does not have a UK release date, but just received it’s US release on 29th June.

The King – New trailer

Elvis Presley remains to this day one of the most iconic and acclaimed artists of all time; his influence has never been lost on anyone, and this new documentary follows a road trip exploring his early roots and how he came to be The King of Rock and Roll, focusing on the way America itself declined as he rose to stardom.

What’s clear from this trailer is that there won’t just be one point of view on display; there are certainly less positive opinions of him on display, which means we’ll hopefully get a more balanced look at the world’s biggest star. Also featuring interviews with celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Alec Bladwin and Ethan Hawke, The King looks to be an insightful and engaging documentary.

The King does not currently have a UK release date.

Katie Says Goodbye – Trailer & Clips!

We’ve already talked about how great Olivia Cooke is on her rise to stardom, and it looks like another stellar performance is on the way in Katie Says Goodbye. The film stars Cooke as a a seventeen year old waitress in the American Southwest to fulfil her dream of living in San Francisco.

It’s an odd trailer, but the film looks quite good; this ad feels a little disjointed and is maybe showing us a little too much, but the content is powerful and uncomfortable, and Cooke already shines amongst a great cast that also includes Mary Steenburgen, Christopher Abbott and Jim Belushi.  Reviews so far have been good so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Katie Says Goodbye currently does not have a UK release date.