Pacific Rim: Uprising – Review

by James and Ava Van Dyke Pacific Rim is one of the most polarising action films. Directed by Del Toro, the original saw humanity create battling robots named Jaegers in order to defend the world from Kaiju aliens invading. The film has many detractors, often citing boredom or silliness as their reasons for criticism, but here at We Make Movies On Weekends, we adore the … Continue reading Pacific Rim: Uprising – Review

The Best Of…Hugh Grant

Let’s face it: We’ve all been embroiled in some sort of crush on Hugh Grant. I mean, look at him: Foppish fringed hair, bright white smile, and handsome British awkwardness. Hefty sigh. Yep, back in the nineties, Grant had his own legion of fans but admits controversy and film failures, we sort of lost our way with him and he faded to the background somewhat. … Continue reading The Best Of…Hugh Grant

The Best of…Tom Cruise

I know what you’re thinking: How can anyone sluice down over forty decades of over fifty films into a compact five movie list? True, the dazzling white teethed Cruise has been the epitome of Hollywood stardom for years and years, producing countless amounts of movies, and running in a hell of a lot of them. I also know what you are thinking: Here we go, … Continue reading The Best of…Tom Cruise

Final Score – Brand New Trailer!

Ah man, I’m kinda in love with Dave Baustista and his brilliantly awful movie choices like this…Final Score.  The film revolves around at football (or soccer) match that is invaded by terrorists for reasons I do not quite understand. From the over the top Russian Accents to the Terrible Premise, Final Score looks about as likely to be a good film as England are at … Continue reading Final Score – Brand New Trailer!

Mid90s – Brand New Trailer!

Grune music, baggy jeans, and skating, there are a lot of things that capture the brilliance of the Mid90s.  And director Jonah Hill looks to be capturing that in his directorial debut. The movie revolves around a young boy Stevie as he…skates through life…literally. From the A24 logo in skateboards to the subtle colour grading, the 90s aesthetic is impeccable here. We’re excited to see … Continue reading Mid90s – Brand New Trailer!