Small Foot – Brand New Trailer

There are some mindless animation out there that seemingly tickle you too. Smallfoot is oneof thsoe movies. The movie revolves around a group of yeti who don’t believe in the existence of humans (“smallfoot”) and one who tries to prove they are real. With the voices of Channing Tatum, Gina Rodriguez, Danny DeVito, erm Lebron James, and, Christ, James Fucking Corden, this could be some … Continue reading Small Foot – Brand New Trailer

King of Thieves – Trailers & Clips!

When there is a good story, there’s always plenty of movies about it. So following on from indie film Hatton Garden Job , here’s King of Thieves…which is about the Hatton Garden Job. The movie, believe it or not, is about the Hatton Garden Job in which a bunch of old geezer robbed a high-end jewellery story only to turn on each other once they … Continue reading King of Thieves – Trailers & Clips!

Black 47 – Brand New Trailer!

There are plenty of revenge movies out there, but none, seemingly, like Black 47 . Set in 1847, during the Great Irish Famine, the film revolves around a man seeking violent justice after the English have destroyed is home and family. Starring Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, Barry Keoghan, Freddie Fox, and Jim Broadbent, this looks to be an outstanding thriller. What do you think? Black … Continue reading Black 47 – Brand New Trailer!

Lizzie – Brand New Trailer!

Lizzie Borden was an infamous murderer who gained nortoriety by slaying her family. But was that the truth? Here’s a brand new cinematic explorataion. Lizzie tracks the life of Borden and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her family, claiming to have a shocking troubled end. Starring Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart, this looks to be an amazing thriller. What do you think? … Continue reading Lizzie – Brand New Trailer!

Ready Player One – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

It’s 2045, and the world is an awful place to live. The poor live in the “stacks”, unsafe high rise trailer parks, while an evil corporation, IOI, keeps them there by encouraging them to stack up debts that are impossible to pay off. Everyone escapes the awfulness of reality by entering The Oasis, a VR world where you can do, be or have anything. The … Continue reading Ready Player One – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Love, Simon – Review

Same sex love stories in American cinema are traditionally the province of independent films. There have been films that have crossed over, notably 2005’s Brokeback Mountain starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger. Essentially, Hollywood relegates gay characters to the supporting cast, or presents them in a farcical setting, notably in the Robin Williams-Nathan Lane box office hit, The Birdcage (1996). Love, Simon, adapted … Continue reading Love, Simon – Review