The Producers – 50th Anniversary Review

Mel Brooks is a comedic genius. His work has spanned decades; 50 years of spoofs, satire, and slapstick and complete immortalisation the cinematic history. His works have produced monsters, sported sheriffs, and even went to a galaxy far, far away. His directorial debut, however, was the darkly humours, but absolutely wonderful The Producers. Earning the director an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, the film … Continue reading The Producers – 50th Anniversary Review

Isle of Dogs – Review

Whether you are a die-hard fan, or unconvinced viewer, there is no denying that writer and director Wes Anderson is a true auteur. With his distinctive visual style, quirky humour, and strong ensemble casts, his work has spawned more than twenty years. His latest project reunites him with many of his long time actor collaborators and sees him tackle his second animated feature film. Isle … Continue reading Isle of Dogs – Review