Hearts Beat Loud – Review

Father daughter relationships are all the rage in popular culture. Whilst there are some that veer towards the negative aspects, there has always been a constant thread of friendship and alliances between good old Dad and his little girl. Even this past year has had oodles of them; Like Father, Eighth Grade, Leave No Trace, and more all focused on them. Heck, even Ant-Man and … Continue reading Hearts Beat Loud – Review

The Darkest Minds – Review

by Alicia Lopez Rios  Is the Young Adult genre losing steam? This definitely seems to be the way with the release of dystopian science fiction romp The Darkest Minds, which is out this Friday. The film, based on a book series by Alexandra Bracken and directed by Jennier Yuh Nelson, revolves around an inexplicable virus called IAAN that kills 98% of the children on Earth. … Continue reading The Darkest Minds – Review