Ben is Back – Brand New Trailer!

This is not the movie we were expecting with the first teaser. What looked to be an epic drama has turned into a proper thriller and we’re intrigued! Ben is Back basically revolves around a son returning home but could there be something more sinister going on. Starring Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts, this is certainly an enticing treat. What do you think?   Ben … Continue reading Ben is Back – Brand New Trailer!

I Think We’re Alone Now – Brand New Trailer!

It’s refreshing to see a trailer where you aren’t getting bombarded with the whole entire plot. That’s why we’re intrigued by I Think We’re Alone now. The film revolves around a mysterious act which makes one lone survivor very happy. This looks to be an intriguing film with black comedy elements. What do you think? I Think We’re Alone Now has no official release date.  Continue reading I Think We’re Alone Now – Brand New Trailer!

Slice – Brand New Trailer!

Who doesn’t like their pizza with a side of blood? That’s what you are going to get with Slice. The movie revolves around two pizza delivery people who have to catch the culprits behind a cryptic crime spree. Starring Zazie Beats (Deadpool 2), Chance the Rapper, and Joe Kreery (Strangers Things,) this looks to be a great…he he…slice of cinema. What do you think? Slice … Continue reading Slice – Brand New Trailer!

Possum – Trailer

The dark heart of cinema doesn’t get as thrilling as this. Directed by Matthew Holness as a debut feature, Possum revolves around a disgraced children’s puppeteer who heads back to his childhood home of Fallmarsh with the intent on destroy the titular hideous puppet. Only his return means that he has to confront horrors of his past. Certainly looks to be a dark and chilling … Continue reading Possum – Trailer