The Happytime Murders – Review

Puppets may be more associated with the kid friendly, family adventure section of the entertainment world, but they also go very well with cheeky humour as well. From stage show Avenue-Q, to series Mongrels and the occasional in-jokes of The Muppets and Fraggle Rock, the small, cute and cuddly creatures work greatly when juxtaposed with dark humour. So when Brian Henson (and The Jim Henson … Continue reading The Happytime Murders – Review

The Big Lebowski – Brand New Trailer!

The Coen Brothers’ have been a cinematic staple since their first thriller Blood Simple. They vary their work – from the silly to the chilling, but none has captured an audience quite like The Big Lebowski.  Returning the cinema once again, The Big Lebowski revolves around a eternally relaxed man named The Dude who gets caught up in a crazed conspiracy. Cult film launched Jeff … Continue reading The Big Lebowski – Brand New Trailer!

Funny Cow – Review

Comedy and drama go hand in hand. They are best friends, courting one another in a platonic affair as they twist through our lives. Situations are coveted by these emotions; genres of humanity that follow one after another and, sometimes, simultaneously. Laughter is often heard at funerals, tears often spent through jokes, and smiles can so easily be frowns. The best comedy films and the … Continue reading Funny Cow – Review

Ghost Stories – Review

Ghost stories… We’ve been telling them since we first started grunting at one another. We certainly like to thrill and scare one another, recanting tale of utmost horror to make your fellow man and woman squirm. As we For years, Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson have been torturing audiences with their tense and  terrifying stage show Ghost Stories. Not content with soiling the pants of … Continue reading Ghost Stories – Review