I Think We’re Alone Now – Brand New Trailer!

It’s refreshing to see a trailer where you aren’t getting bombarded with the whole entire plot.

That’s why we’re intrigued by I Think We’re Alone now.

The film revolves around a mysterious act which makes one lone survivor very happy.

This looks to be an intriguing film with black comedy elements. What do you think?

I Think We’re Alone Now has no official release date. 

Museo – Trailer!

Sometimes the must ridiculous and amazing stories are inspired by true events. That’s exactly what Museo is.

The film revolves around a group of criminals in 1985 who look to extract 140 pieces from the Museum of Anthropology.

Starring Gael Garcia Bernal, this looks to be an enthralling and fun crime drama. What do you think?

Museo has no official UK release date! 

Slice – Brand New Trailer!

Who doesn’t like their pizza with a side of blood? That’s what you are going to get with Slice.

The movie revolves around two pizza delivery people who have to catch the culprits behind a cryptic crime spree.

Starring Zazie Beats (Deadpool 2), Chance the Rapper, and Joe Kreery (Strangers Things,) this looks to be a great…he he…slice of cinema. What do you think?

Slice is out next year! 

Possum – Trailer

The dark heart of cinema doesn’t get as thrilling as this.

Directed by Matthew Holness as a debut feature, Possum revolves around a disgraced children’s puppeteer who heads back to his childhood home of Fallmarsh with the intent on destroy the titular hideous puppet. Only his return means that he has to confront horrors of his past.

Certainly looks to be a dark and chilling exploration of loneliness and trauma. What do you think?

Possum is out 26th October! 

St. Agatha – Review

There are different iterations of horror movies out there. You have your supernatural creeper, your jump scare peeper, and your blood and guts jeeper. (That all worked, right?) From the disgusting to the unnerving, horror is a varied and superior genre that calls on hoards and hoards of fan to delve into its dark heart – devouring it with nary a drop split.

Screening at this year’s Arrow Video Frightfest. Darren Lyn Bousman’s latest gore-fest is a movie that likes to combine all these things creating the greatly named horror sub-genre – nunspolitation. But does it all work?

Image result for st agatha film
St. Agatha is a period horror set in the 1950s. It revolves around Mary, a young pregnant woman who has been invited to shelter with a bunch of nuns in a convent out of the city. After series of really shitty circumstances causes her to be destitute, she takes up on the offer and winds up in a weird place instead. Despite the cheery disposition of the sisters (except Paula, who’s consistently a dick,) Mary has the adhere to strict religious rules. She soon discovers that if she speaks out against them, they’ll punish her in many, many horrid ways. When it becomes apparent there is something more sinister afoot, Mary finds ways to desperately escape.

The nunspolitation movie certainly lives up to its name. The film is a brilliant and batshit insane movie that starts off alluring and creepy enough to drawl you in then amps up the madness every minute. Fair play to the women here who are put through some pretty disgusting and awful things. There nuns (led by the smiling and perfectly sinister Carolyn Hennesy as Mother Superior) have a habit of forcing all sorts of hell on the pregnant women and it makes for grim fun. Especially because there are some absolutely shocking moments here. I’ll leave them mostly for a surprise but there is certainly one moment that will have cinema fans frothing at the mouth to talk about afterwards.

St Agatha is led by upcoming Sabrina Kern who does well to convey Mary’s struggles and wide-eyed determination to get the fuck out of all the situations that she was been misled into. Mary really goes through a lot here and Kern is adept at developing at her character. She is absolutely engaging to watch which makes the trauma she experiences that much more hard to watch.

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There are some obvious moments and the movie does suffer from its low budget; having a certain camera style and make-shift horror that aren’t skin to polished horror films. But there are enough entrails (literally) to keep those hardcore horror fanatics happy. There’s also brilliant mystery, toying with the possibility of the supernatural or an evil presence, that makes you want to carry on with the toture.

.With some pretty great leading performances and some absolutely mental moments, St. Agatha is an excellent project that has definitely been crafted with a lot of love and certainly with a lot blood.

St. Agatha screened at the Arrow Video Frightfest.
It has no definite UK release day yet.

The Happytime Murders – Review

Puppets may be more associated with the kid friendly, family adventure section of the entertainment world, but they also go very well with cheeky humour as well. From stage show Avenue-Q, to series Mongrels and the occasional in-jokes of The Muppets and Fraggle Rock, the small, cute and cuddly creatures work greatly when juxtaposed with dark humour. So when Brian Henson (and The Jim Henson Company), announced a new puppet/live-action project with an edge, I was excited. We have The Muppets and Sesame Street taking care of the young ones but this would be exclusively for us grown ups.

Sadly, despite the talents of Henson’ s creature workshop and Melissa MaCarthy as star, The Happytime Murders is lifeless and forgettable.

Image result for the happy time murders

The Happytime Murders is set in a world where puppets and humans live side by side but definitely not in harmony. Puppets are considered lower class citizens by human everywhere. When Private Investigator (and a puppet) Phil Phillips is hired to find the sender of threatening letters, he stumbles across the murder scene of a former TV bunny. Phil believes someone is taking out members of former TV programne The Happytime Gang. When Phil teams up with his ex-police partner Connie Edwards, (McCarthy) the pair stumble on a plot bigger than just murder.

The film is directed by Brian Henson, Son of Muppet creator Jim Henson. Brian has a long history in puppetry  but also directed arguably the greatest Muppets outing, The Muppets Christmas Carol.

In terms of story, this is pretty standard for a cop drama: Ex-partners reunite on unsolved case and uncover their backstory in the process. It’s not original but for the concept it’s the humour you turn in for.

The film has two major problems. Firstly, it’s not funny. A few quick gags here and there but neither the premise nor the script is good. Soon into the film it’s clear it relies on characters and puppets telling each other to “f-off” as it’s main source of humour. This wears thin quickly.

The second problem the film has is that it does not know what it wants to be. Is it pure slapstick or a cop buddy story? The film never decides which route to take so is painfully stuck inbetween. The inconsistent tone, alongside bad humour makes the film a complete mess.

The talent of the puppet makers is still seen here. The range and look of the creatures is still what you would expect from such a company. Less lively than the companies previous film efforts, perhaps to make them fit in against their human setting. Yet in trying to make the puppets more human, they have diluted the fun and energy puppets usually bring to a project.

Image result for the happy time murders

The cast is led by Melissa McCarthy. There is no doubt that McCarthy is a talented actress, with brilliant comedic skills but this absolutely wastes her in every way. She has no real story or script to work with. Also the jokes around her appearance also reflect a major problem with the film industry. McCarthy is a very pretty actress, yet not being slim seems to pigeonhole her for fat or manly jokes. Nether are accurate and neither work as comedy in the film.

Phil Phillips is voiced by puppeteer Bill Beretta, who fails to inject any life or charisma into his character. Small roles from Elizabeth Banks and Maya Rudolph add nothing to the film. No amount of on screen talent could save a bad script.

A dull and lifeless film that wastes the talent of its actors and puppets makers.

The Happytime Murders is out in cinemas now!