Holmes and Watson – Brand New Trailer!

Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law…

Will Ferrell and John C Reiley.

Yep, the comedic duo tackle fictions greatest heroes.

Holmes and Watson is a mock movie of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed characters as they try to solve a great mystery. Natch.

While we’re excited for the reunion between Ferrell and Reily, there doesn’t seem to be anything truly funny here. But, Ralph Fiennes plays Moriarty so, we’re kinda game! What do you think?

Holmes and Watson is out later this year! 

Revenge – Review

If your boyfriend invites you to a remote villa in the middle of the desert, don’t go. That’s the moral of Revenge, a French language blood-soaked rape revenge thriller from writer-director Coralie Fargeat.

Jen (Matilda Lutz) thinks she is spending some quality bikini time with her married lover, Richard (Kevin Janssens), who has invited two other guys to go hunting with him. There is a pre-hunt pool party. Sexually confident Jen dances with one of Richard’s friends. When Richard is out the next morning (fetching the paper, I dunno), Lascivious Lump One gets the wrong idea and is left to it by Lascivious Lump Two. When Richard gets home, Jen hopes for retribution. But errant males stick together. Jen runs for it, is pursued to a cliff edge and meets a grisly demise. Except she isn’t dead – (almost) broken-backed, but not broken-spirited, Jen fights back.

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Don’t expect Shakespeare, or even Moliere (it is French after all). But Revenge is as visceral as cinema gets, slick and bloody – very bloody. The finale is, quite literally, a trail of blood.

As desert-based action films go, it is edge of seat stuff. You check your disbelief at the concession stand because you want Jen to have her revenge.

As far as subtext goes, there isn’t any. Revenge was made prior to the explosion of the #MeToo movement. Its nearest cousin is The Last House on the Left, but unlike rape revenge films made by guys, this one does not give the viewer the hypocritical and vicarious ‘thrill’ of an explicit rape scene – the act is suggested but not shown.

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The ‘fun’ aspect of the film comes from the dwindling group of guys getting frustrated as Jen triumphs against them. Fargeat invites whoops and hollars. The purpose of the film is for female appreciation to shout down men, to end once and for all the idea that rape is acceptable.

If Revenge has its intended impact, then the audience response in the final hour and a bit of the film will be vocal and unequivocal. The best screenings – and I suspect these will be held at London’s Prince Charles cinema – will encourage participation as the revenge kicks in.

Revenge is available on digital download now and DVD & Blu-ray from 1st October’.

Dark Phoenix – Brand New Trailer!

I adore X-Men. I’m not even ashamed. I know the franchise has had it’s misses but I am stoked for everything it produces. And Dark Phoenix looks to be an amazing new episode.

Directed by Simon Kinberg, Dark Phoenix  revolves around Jean Grey who harbours rage and evil inside of her that is threatening to come out..

There’s an intrigue to see how Sophie Turner tackles the duality of Dark Phoenix whilst definitely watching Charles battle with his conscious over how he treated her. The film sees Jessica Chastain join James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence in a battle between good and evil. Sure, the timeline is sloppy but who cares? This looks amazing.

What do you think?

Dark Phoenix is out 2019! 

Skate Kitchen – Review

I may not know my Ollie from my hand plant, but I know a sick film when I see it. Skate Kitchen is director Crystal Moselle’s winning follow-up to her 2015 documentary, The Wolfpack. Her drama tells the story of teenager Camille (newcomer Rachelle Vinberg) who hooks up with a group of female skaters (skate boarders) from the other side of New York – she’s Long Island, they’re Manhattan. In the process, she breaks from her mother (Elizabeth Rodriguez). The film was developed from a short that Moselle made for the Italian fashion house Miu Miu, in which she filmed the skaters. She has a neat habit of moseying up to groups and asking to hang with and then film them. Pretty soon she’s winning plaudits at Sundance and the distributors are all over her. I bet there are groups of people with unusual hobbies travelling the streets of New York waiting for Moselle to spot them.

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The only name featured in Skate Kitchen is Jaden Smith, sporting red bleached hair as Devon, a skater and photographer. Devon works in a supermarket where Camille gets a job and rags on her to pose for him. When Camille performs a ‘shove it’ on the roof of a tall building for Devon’s camera my teeth were in my breast pocket.

Jaden Smith might be the star but the star of Skate Kitchen is Nina Moran as Kurt. Kurt is tomboy-ish. Her first line is ‘your mother is a whore’, cursing in front of the camera as she is recorded. She doesn’t have a filter. ‘I like pussy,’ she tells the bespectacled shrinking violet Camille. ‘What do you like?’ People not being so direct, you expect her to answer. Moran fairly lights up the screen, inhaling and blowing out smoke rings.

Camille makes an instant friend in Janay (Ardelia Lovelace) who invites her to stay with her after her mother forbids her for skateboarding. Janay’s dad is cool too. He never complains about them smoking dope and he makes lasagna. However, the friendship is tested after Janay injures herself and is laid up.

The film is about how tight groups united by a common pastime can be good parent substitutes. Even when she is on a board, Camille isn’t harshly judged. However, the group can be a bit too libertarian, as when a female hand wanders towards Camille during a party scene turned, well, orgy.

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Camille is a sympathetic heroine. She teaches us early on the meaning of credit carding – you may not want to know. The set pieces are naturalistic. Highlights include her being told at the supermarket to refuse coupons that are out of date and opening her first tampon; she previously imagined one might kill her. However our sympathy is tested when Camille begs for a skateboard back from some security guards and when it is given to her, sticks it to them.

Skate Kitchen is a great film for anybody who has always wanted to belong or felt like taking up a sport with only a modest skill level. It fairly glides along. Moselle is true to her subject without inserting a plot that might swamp it. What she achieves is just as skillful as anything the girls do on their boards.

Skate Kitchen is out in cinemas on 28th September!