Private Parts – Short Film

Channel 4’s Random Acts has certainly brought us the weird and wonderful from British and Global film-making. Tackling strange or sometimes hard-hitting subjects with an air of weirdness, the series of short films from talent filmmakers has been a source of emotion and entertainment.

And we’re going to go below the belt with Anna Ginsburg’s superbly eye-opening and colourful look at Private Parts. The film is based on interviews with several different people on sex and genitalia. Though just over three minutes in length, the movie looks at issues surrounding masturbation, the look of vaginas, and pubic hair.

Ginsburg and her team of hearty animators tackle the answers in a brush of excitement and creativity. The film consists of different styles and shapes of genitalia, each bit talking about how they feel about sex and the area downstairs. The main focus is lady areas but men do get to poke their tips and opinions in. The talking heads and lips flap about their issues in a nervous or brash way in order to tackle some taboos about loving yourself wholly and completely. It’s masterfully done and – unsurprisingly – educational as you swallow all these thoughts about Ginsburg is a treasure trove of bouncing, exuberant ideas.

A particular highlight here is a clitoris that turns to express utmost joy at being fondled with, nestled in a vibrant labia. Private Parts is full of drawings and hearty animations such as this and it brings to gleeful life the glorious parts of our bodies. Different strokes are applied with a variety of verve and character. Having this variety  from different animators is a genius concoction and any limp words are happily sprung to life.  All the different opinions one may keep private make give extreme pleasure in this short film.

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