At Eternity’s Gate – Brand New Trailer!

Willem Dafoe recently scooped up an award at this year’s Venice Film Festival for his work in this upcoming drama. And it looks tender and exquisite. At Eternity’s Gate revolves around the dying mind of Vincent Van Gogh as he tackles mental illness and his art. Also starring Mads Mikkelson and Oscar Isaac, this looks to be a compelling drama. What do you think? At … Continue reading At Eternity’s Gate – Brand New Trailer!

Instant Family – Brand New Trailer!

Foster care is a subject we definitely more light on. So we do with this latest film. Instant Family revolves around a couple who decide to bring older wayward kids into their lives. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, the film looks alright. I mean, the whole film is here so I know it is good. What do you think? Instant Family is out later … Continue reading Instant Family – Brand New Trailer!

The Beach Bum – Brand New Trailer!

Harmony Korine is a controversial filmmaker who has polarised audiences with both Spring Breakers and Kids. Now he returns with The Beach Bum.  Starring Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron, the movie revolves around free-wheeling stoner Moondog and the ups and downs of his life. With crazed outfits and funky hair-dos, this looks to be intriguing. What do you think?   The Beach Bum is out … Continue reading The Beach Bum – Brand New Trailer!

Heathers – 30th Anniversary Review

If you have seen one High School movie about teenage girls you have seen them all. And you can predict exactly what is coming right down to the catty comment. Somewhere along the line an unpopular student is going to upset the status quo by either becoming more popular than the Queen Bee, by dating the love of a popular girl or simply cause all-out … Continue reading Heathers – 30th Anniversary Review