Stella’s Last Weekend – Brand New Trailer!

For anyone wondering what a film would be like with both Natt and Alex Wolff in it, then look no further! Stella’s Last Weekend revolves around a pair of brothers who take their aging dog on one last hurrah along with the girl they both are desperately in love with. This looks affable enough with good performances. Let The Battle of the Wolff Brothers…BEGIN! Stella’s … Continue reading Stella’s Last Weekend – Brand New Trailer!

Bros: After The Screaming Stops – Brand New Trailer!

Bros once asked when will they be famous and they were…for fifteen minutes. Now a new documentary is looking at how that has impacted them. The film looks at Bros and their rise and fall from fame. For fans of the 80s pop duo, this could be an intriguing film alongside a definite warning for those seeking stardom. Bros After The Screaming Stops is out … Continue reading Bros: After The Screaming Stops – Brand New Trailer!

Teen Spirit – Trailer!

Elle Fanning has captivated us in her indie projects such as Neon Demon and How To Talk To Girls at Parties. Now she continues her rise to acclaim with Teen Spirit.  The film revolves around a shy teenager named Violet who enters an international singing competition that will put her talents and patience to the test Directed by The Handmaiden’s Tale actor Max Minghella, Teen … Continue reading Teen Spirit – Trailer!

The Best of …Saoirse Ronan

By no means do I want to cause a mid-life crisis for anyone reading this, but I have to remind you that Saoirse Ronan is 24 years old and already has three Oscar nominations. Yes, even that young, the Irish talent has already built up an excellent filmography and established herself as one of the more exciting actors working today. To celebrate the release of … Continue reading The Best of …Saoirse Ronan