Captain Marvel – Brand New Trailer!

Brie Larson is one of our heroes. We adore her. And now we’ve finally put her in a suit and cape and calling her in to save the world.

Captain Marvel, set in the 80s, sees a pilot who was fused with alien blood sent back down to Earth with no recollection of who she is. She comes across a young Nick Fury and the pair try to stop an unstoppable evil.

With baby-faced Samuel L Jackson and Clark Gregg, there isn’t a massive amount of detail to the trailer but just snippets of what to come. We’re really excited for this film. What do you think?

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel is out in cinemas in 2019 !

Stan & Ollie – Brand New Trailers & Clips!

Laurel and Hardy are absolute legends and we’re excited to see them in this upcoming movie!

Directed by visionary Jon S. Baird (Filth,) Stan & Ollie revolves around the later years of the famed comedic heroes as they take off on a European tour.

With John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan as the epitomes heroes, we’re really excited for this biopic. What do you think?

Stan & Ollie is closing the BFI London Film Festival. 
It is out January 11th 2019!