Mandy – Review

There are some movies out there that are made to purely blow your mind. Mandy is one of them. Directed by Panos Cosmatos, the film revolves around a couple, Mandy and Red, living in the Pacific Northwest during the eighties. Secluded in the Shadow Mountains, they live their life idyllically and in love. However, when a cult-like group, led by the petulant Jeremiah, spot Mandy … Continue reading Mandy – Review

Assassination Nation – Review

We keep so much of our lives on social media. Our whole world is trapped on websites and messages, keeping communication digital. We’re unafraid to be candid; believing our conversations to be constantly private. While we’re doing this – while we are furiously typing away – we forget that it could all be taken away from you at any moment. That our world could drastically … Continue reading Assassination Nation – Review