Suspiria – Review

Dario Argento’s Suspiria is considered one of horror film’s greatest triumphs. Starring Jessica Harper, the film looks at an American woman sent to prestigious German dance school only to discover that there is something sinister happening there. Thanks to the cinematography, the music by Goblin, and the tension throughout, Suspiria has been cemented by horror audiences and critics alike as one of the best films of … Continue reading Suspiria – Review

Incredibles 2 – Review

Pixar has had a pretty shaky history of sequels. Their results have wavered. On the bad side are movies such as Monsters University and Cars 2 which have been mediocre productions. On the great, fantastic side we have the Toy Story Trilogy. Pixar always seem better at creating standalone features and any progress seemed to fail with average results. So when they announced a follow-up … Continue reading Incredibles 2 – Review