Incredibles 2 – Review

Pixar has had a pretty shaky history of sequels. Their results have wavered. On the bad side are movies such as Monsters University and Cars 2 which have been mediocre productions. On the great, fantastic side we have the Toy Story Trilogy. Pixar always seem better at creating standalone features and any progress seemed to fail with average results.

So when they announced a follow-up to the super-hero animation Incredible , there was trepidation alongside the jubilation; will it ever live up to the original?

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Despite being 14 years since the first outing, Incredibles 2 picks up where we left off. After a school outing, a supervillain named The Underminer threatens to take over the city. The family of superheroes spring into action to stop him but their heroics come at a price; powered people are still outlawed and the government are already persecuting The Parrs. However, they are approached by a billionaire marketing manager who wants to bring supers back into the limelight, starting with sending Elastigirl on daring missions. Leaving Bob (or Mr Incredibles) to look after the family, the new dynamics put strain on the family. And what’s more, having superheroes back at the forefront could bring along more dangers…Can The Incredibles save the day once more.

With many people practically begging for a sequel to this powered animation from Pixar, there has been so much hype around the movie. Sadly, the movie doesn’t quite reach the stellar heights of the first film and there are plot redundancies and repetitive story-telling.

Incredibles 2 contains some great animated sequences here, particularly with the introduction of new superheroes such as Voyd or He-Lectrix showcasing some brand new astonishing talents. The action is terrific work, making you entirely excited throughout them. There’s also the funnier and more tender sequences with Bob looking after the family. Though he struggles to get used to his new place as a “homemaker,” it’s sweet to see him really try so Helen can succeed. There’s also funnier moments with Jack-Jack as he discovers his multitude of powers, offering some hilarious battles of will (particularly with a rogue raccoon.)

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It’s the story that is really lacking here. The overly familiar plot doesn’t string the above great components well enough together. There are times where the humour or interactions fall flat and you can find your mind-wondering more often than you’d like. It’s not that Incredibles 2 isn’t good, it just isn’t great or phenomenal and marks yet another somewhat lapse in Pixar’s sequel history.

Of course the voice-acting those pretty well, though Samuel L. Jackson is definitely underused here. Also, inconsequential sidebar, his infamous wife? Her one and only line is in the trailer and it’s a shame they didn’t truly monopolise on her cult fame just a little bit more.

With these disappointments in mind, Incredibles 2 does well enough to be an entertaining romp that will take your mind off falling about politics and losing some sporting games. Fun for all the family, Incredibles 2 is a good weekend summer treat.

Incredibles 2 is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now!
To celebrate, check out this deleted scene!


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