Men In Black: International – Brand New Trailer!

We live in a land of reboots and remakes and sequels. Navigating them can be treacherous. But we’re here for Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth as the new alien fighting heroes. The film revolves around a woman who discovers the secret agency and has to fly to London in order to save the world. There’s a lot to process in this trailer, including it’s use … Continue reading Men In Black: International – Brand New Trailer!

The Favourite – Review

The world of Yorgos Lanthimos is a bizarre yet beautiful one. From bored teenagers in Dogtooth to animals in The Lobster, there is something about the filmmaker’s mind that you want to immerse yourself completely in; soaking in every stilted word, every bizarre premise, and every Colin Farrell mustache. Although there is no Farrell facial hair here, Lanthimos is on top form with The Favourite. Blending … Continue reading The Favourite – Review

Bumblebee – Review

Transformers is a movie series that often procures a lot of ire. Never before has a bunch of films been so lambasted by film critics, industry folk, and audiences alike (this is a wild and outrageous generalisation but it works). Yet they still attract box office numbers, leading to six movies coming out. Yet the sixth installment, set in the eighties and revolving around one … Continue reading Bumblebee – Review

Nancy – Review

Andrea Riseborough is one of our most gifted actresses. The British star has made a name for herself in movies such as Birdman (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance,) Welcome to the Punch, and television series National Treasure. With big haunting eyes and the ability to transform like a shape-shifter into her characters, Riseborough is an amazing performer. Her gifted talent has spectacularly captured us … Continue reading Nancy – Review

Roma – Review

Alfonso Cuaron is a masterful filmmaker. His glorious work transcends decades, genres, and communities – boundless in his intricate intimacy. From Y Tu Mamma Tambien to Gravity (with a magical pit stop at Harry Potter,) Cuaron has shifted and shaped genres with his stunning work. Now he brings us Roma – a truly astonishing piece of work. The film, semi-based on his own experiences, revolves … Continue reading Roma – Review

Lizzie – Review

Lizzie Borden is one of those names that has lived in infamy. When her stepmother and father were brutally killed by an axe, eyes fell on Borden. Despite being cleared by the police, she is widely considered the murderer and has since garnered notoriety – a legendary status even. Now her story is being explored in drama film, aptly named, Lizzie. Directed by Craig William … Continue reading Lizzie – Review