BAFTA Film Awards – EE Rising Star Announced

Every year at the BAFTA Film Awards, the audience get to vote on one – the EE Rising Star. The award is given to upcoming actors or actresses who are set for stardom and acclaim. It was first awarded to James McAvoy and continues to highlight fantastic and brilliant performers.

This year’s list of nominations have surprised no one. It’s very exciting though. The EE Rising Star Nominations are Jessie Buckley, who wowed us all in Beast; Cynthia Ervio, star of Widows and scene-stealer of Bad Times at the El Royale; Barry Keoghan, the absolute amazing actor of American Animals; Lakeith Stanfeild, who has been stellar in Sorry to Bother You; and national treasure Letitia Wright.

OK. So this is going to be a tricky one this year!

What do you think?

Vote now for your favourite and for your chance to win a pair of tickets:
The EE BAFTA Film Awards are on the 10th February! 

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