Pet Sematary – Brand New Trailer!

It’s just a classic story: Cat dies, cat gets buried in a mysterious graveyard, cat comes back to life, child The Stephen King story is getting another outing this year. Only with a couple of twists to get your juices flowing! Are you ready to plunge yourself into the terrifying world of re-incarnation and reanimation? Pet Sematary is out 5th April Continue reading Pet Sematary – Brand New Trailer!

Frozen 2 – Brand New Trailer!

Frozen was a cultural phenomenon. It plagued the lives of all it knew – thousands of young children, adults, and more droning along to Let It Go. Adorned with blue dresses and platinum blonde wigs, you couldn’t escape from the ironic fever that bounded towards us. You thought it was over, right? Wrong. Because obviously we’re getting Frozen 2. Whilst not a lot has been … Continue reading Frozen 2 – Brand New Trailer!

First Man – Review

Damian Chazelle, at the age of 34, has directed four featured films. The unspoken but still brilliant Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, the tension-drive jazz-based drama Whiplash, the musical epic La La Land, and this latest feature – First Man. The director has wowed with most, if not all, of his movies – particularly with La La Land which helped earn him a … Continue reading First Man – Review

Most Ridiculously Fun Action Films

Over-the-top action has been greatly underappreciated over the past few years; sometimes we just want to switch off our brains and enjoy the visual spectacle of a ludicrously explosive action film. Hunter Killer is one of these movies as it tells the story of American Captain Joe Glass’s (Gerard Butler) mission to save the Russian President and prevent all-out war between the two nations, all … Continue reading Most Ridiculously Fun Action Films