Road to the Oscars: Worst Speeches

Winning an Academy Award is a great honour. The highest award bestowed from the film industry and a moment where the world is watching you. After receiving nominations, doing interviews and arriving on the night all that is left is for the winning to accept the great award and give a speech. Theses few words should immortalise you in the eyes of your peers but for some it can have the exact opposite effect.

Here are some of the worst Oscar Speeches.

Halle Berry for Monster’s Ball

Now I do like Halle Berry. I think she gave an impressive performance in Monsters Ball. She was the first woman of colour to win a leading actress Oscar but for Christ’s sake pull yourself together woman. The crying was like nothing I have ever seen before. She managed to reign it in enough to thank everyone including coloured actresses of the past that had been overlooked which is great. Sadly the gorgeous Halle will always remain in the bad Oscar speeches but look up her speech at the Razzies for Catwoman. Now that’s how you give a speech Miss Berry.

Gwyneth Paltrow for Shakespeare in Love

Another human flood gate. The tearful Paltrow ascended the stage and it was as if someone had turned on a tap. She manages to thank the entire world and its mother before leaving the stage. Not her finest moment.

Melissa Leo for The Fighter

Melissa Leo won best supporting actress for The Fighter and was presented her award by Kirk Douglas. Please don’t make me Youtube it again, its so painful. She asks Douglas to pinch her and then acts out hitting on the veteran actor. The speech gets even worse from there: The silence during her pauses is penetrating and its clear how the audience have lost interest in the wreak on stage. When it finally finishes she uses Douglas’s walking stick to hobble off the stage as if he did not actually need it.

That’ss what you get for not giving the award to Amy Adams instead.

Marlon Brando, The Godfather

Now we all admired young Brando for his unbelieveble acting abilities and his devilish good looks but the man was an arse. Crazy as a drunk badger and his method of accepting his second best actor Oscar proved this fact. He declined to attend and sent a young native American girl (who wasn’t actually native American) to accept his award in his place. Despite the best intentions to bring awareness to wrongful Native American portrayals in cinema, it would probably have been best to say it himself. Weird.

Joe Pesci for Goodfellas, 1990

Considering the character he plays in Goodfellas is such a live wire you’d expect Joe Pesci speech to be epic but instead its merely, “It’s my privilege, thank you”.

The 90th Academy Award screens February 22nd

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