Midsommar – Brand New Trailer!

Ari Aster ruined your sleeping patterns and your life with the utterly brilliant and compulsive horror Midsommar.  Starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, and Will Poulter, the film revolves around a group of students who find themselves at a Scandinavian celebration – but all is not what you think. The pastel colouring of this trailer makes it look more terrifying. We loved Hereditary so we are … Continue reading Midsommar – Brand New Trailer!

World Book Day: Best Films About Books

Who hasn’t grown up without books in their lives? Not filmmakers, anyway, as Hollywood has been plunging into old texts and pulling out blockbuster movies or series. In fact, it has become the staple of movie makers these days, especially with an abundance of young adult fiction getting translated into young adult movies to please the young adult audiences everywhere. Almost weekly a book becomes … Continue reading World Book Day: Best Films About Books

6 Drool-Worthy Pancake Scenes

We’re delivering some whooping platefuls of floury, sugary lemony treats. That’s right, despite technically being a religious holiday to show the  true spirit of sacrifice, we are more excited about round treats. In our addled states as human beings, we took  Shrove Tuesday to scoff as much as you can before staving off sweets for forty days  (ha ha ha – no). So for Shrove Tuesday, … Continue reading 6 Drool-Worthy Pancake Scenes

Possum – Review

Matthew Holness has been a big staple of British comedy for years. His work in the celebrated c cult TV show Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace has made him legendary. With that said, his comedy has always been tinged with darkness. Now he has dove straight into a murky and terrifying world with his directorial feature film debut Possum. Starring Sean Harris and Alun Armstrong, Possum is … Continue reading Possum – Review

Pain and Glory – Brand New Trailer!

Pedro Almodóvar is an exquisite Pain and Glory revolves around Salvador Mallo. As he ages during Madrid in 80s, he thinks on his childhood in the village of Valencia and his parents. Starring Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, this movie looks and feels like classic Almodovar and we are utterly excited. What do you think? Pain and Glory is out 23 August  ~ Continue reading Pain and Glory – Brand New Trailer!

Hellboy – Brand New Trailer!

His big, his demoic…and he is here to save the world. Hellboy returns but, this time, it’s with Neil Marshall as director and Stranger Things’ David Harbour as Big Red. The film is set in London and revolves around an ancient sorceress who wants to take over everything and our titular hero is the only one who can stop her. This trailer looks bombastic, dark, … Continue reading Hellboy – Brand New Trailer!