LMB – Short Film

LMB is a short film that examines the impact of work stress and mental health. The story revolves around two people who die at the same time and in the same place – linked only by their workplace. Together, they have to figure out what led them there and why.


Two colleagues, Fiona and Phil, are at opposite ends of the ladder. Fiona is an ambitious and driven career PR agent who has used work to propel herself forward. Phil, however, is stuck in a rut as a HR manager, pushed to the dregs of the office and alone in his world.

Driven by stress in two very different ways, the pair tragically die at the same time and are pulled together by their one commonality – work. Together, they have to figure out the brand new landscape around them as well as the person they’d become.

Working with Lambeth & Southwark Mind, LMB looks to tackle mental health in the work place as well as how we can aid those suffering.

Based on a select scene study and developed through the teams personal experiences, LMB takes a fantastical setting and uses it to help our characters build courage, self-esteem, and confidence. The short film will intimately explore how two people can spiral out of control in very different ways.


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