Terminator: Dark Fate – Brand New Trailer!

Terminator has gone from an incredible couple of films to a dire selection of them. Ever since T2, we’ve had some disastrous entries into the Machine vs Man lore! But we’re still getting more. Now we have Terminator Dark Fate! The movie revolves around a fight for survival against well…machine and man. Look, sometimes trailers sell you on one particular element. This trailer has two. … Continue reading Terminator: Dark Fate – Brand New Trailer!

Aladdin – Review

Disney live-action remakes are a scourge of the film industry. Not one has been enjoyable on it’s own merits, feeding off nostalgia to make a few quick bucks. The highly unnecessarily practise adopted by the word’s biggest studio has produced mediocre films that fail to capture the magic and imagination of the animation that proceeded it. So expectations for this new Aladdin were entirely on … Continue reading Aladdin – Review

Downton Abbey – Trailer!

We’ve been expecting you… Popular period drama Downton Abbey has made the leap from television to film in this And here’s the trailer… The film sees the King and Queen going to the stately home for a visit. Cue panic! Starring all the current cast and some new faces, this definitely looks to be an exciting and thrilling film…if you are into that sort of … Continue reading Downton Abbey – Trailer!

Glass – Review

Glass, the new film from director M. Night Shyamalan follows on from the ending of last year’s thriller Split. The ending revealed multiple personality serial Killer Kevin Crumb (James McAvoy) is from the same universe as superhuman David Dunn (Bruce Willis) from Unbreakable, (a previous Shyamalan film). The film unites the director with his cast from both films in a story that brings them all … Continue reading Glass – Review

Beautiful Boy – Review

There have been many movies made on addiction. Even A Star is Born focuses on  the debilitating disease. Stories like these need to be told because we need to understand the struggles of those suffering, the heartache of the families, and support ways we help people blighted Director Felix Van Groeningen, the open and honest story about addiction. Based on the memoirs of Nic and David … Continue reading Beautiful Boy – Review