On The Basis of Sex – Review: Does it do Ruth Bader Ginsburg justice?

by Catherine Courtney I’m Ruth Bader, Yes I’m the Real Bader All you other Ruth Baders are just imitating, So won’t the Real Ruth Bader please…. rise, court is now in session… 2019 is off to a pretty rocky start so far. It’s not as bad as 2018 – yet – but this film and the simply named documentary RBG have made these first couple … Continue reading On The Basis of Sex – Review: Does it do Ruth Bader Ginsburg justice?

Child’s Play – Review

Just over twenty years ago, the horror scene as plagued by an orange haired plastic doll possessed with the murderous spirit of a convicted killer. The series as progressed getting campier and more ridiculous with each film. And they are brilliant, perverse, and entertaining schlock. It’s surprising/not surprising that in spite of the original series still technically going, the Child’s Play franchise would reboot itself. … Continue reading Child’s Play – Review

Ready Or Not – Trailer!

In-laws, aye? If you’re lucky, you’ll surely get on with your future family members. However, sometimes, you’re in a fight to the death with them. Directed by Matt Bettineli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the film revolves around a young bride who joins her husband’s wealthy but eccentric family. However, a traditional game turns deadly and the bride is soon hunted throughout the night. Starring Samara Weaving … Continue reading Ready Or Not – Trailer!

Sometimes Always Never – Review

Bill Nighy is such a brilliant actor, isn’t he? He has blessed our screens with some really good onscreen performances that are wild and varied. Towering as villains in fantasy romps such as Underworld to heart-wrenching in movies such as Pride, Bill Nighy is, and will continue to be, one of our most treasured actors. Directed by Carl Hunter, Sometimes Always Never is a wonderful … Continue reading Sometimes Always Never – Review

Knife + Heart – Review

Yann Gonzalez has been a prolific filmmaker who has a keen and obvious eye for visuals and provocative cinema. From directing You and the Night to producing the criminally underseen We Are the Flesh, his work has stirred and offended in equal measures. Now he returns with his absolutely delightful, funny, and brilliantly trashy Knife + Heart. Directed by Yann Gonzalez and starring Vanessa Paradis … Continue reading Knife + Heart – Review